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ÖRLÖ microalgae are grown with 100% renewable energy, in addition to which we use naturally sourced carbon and Icelandic glacial water. The process is the first of its kind to be carbon negative. We also use 99% less land and water than other producers.

Your ÖRLÖ glass jar is made from first class Italian glass. It can be used over and over again or used later as a flower pot or pen stand. It is fully recyclable if you stop using it one day.

You can recycle your aluminum spray can anywhere. Simply put it in the recycling bin.

All the packaging used in packaging is made from recycled paper and the ink we use to write on it is made from microalgae! The packaging can be recycled again or even torn down and used in a compost bin.

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Yes, all ÖRLÖ products are vegan. We are committed to protecting and nurturing our planet and its natural resources while providing a product that can be consumed by everyone, regardless of diet. We believe that no one should have to deny themselves healthy nutrition because of their ideals or diet."}]}]}

Our microalgae farming has no negative impact on all the precious ecosystems that thrive on our planet, whether it's oceans, rivers or farmland. Every bottle we produce of Omega-3, DHA or Prenatal DHA saves 110 fish from being caught for oil production. We also use 99% less land and water in our sustainable cultivation in Iceland than other producers around the world.


Our products are available to all of Europe. For US residents we recomment going to our US website -

Our partners, Dropp and Gorilla Vórhús are responsible for sending the products to customers.

Our subscription options are good for both the planet and your wallet. When you subscribe, you get a 15% discount on your ÖRLÖ products.

Omega-3 subscription - DHA subscription - Prenatal DHA subscription - Immunity Boost subscription

This is quite simple. You choose the quantity and choose how often you want to receive deliveries, e.g. weekly or monthly. Your subscription then automatically renews until you cancel it. There is no cancellation period on our subscription routes, you are in complete control.

Great question. It works simply by logging into your ÖRLÖ account here and managing your subscription as you see fit.

If you encounter any problems, our customer service will help you at

Customer satisfaciton is our number 1 goal. Should you want to return the product you bought, you can always contact us at and provide your order number. We will either resolve the issue by sending you a new product or refund. In certain cases, we may ask you to send the product back to us for quality purposes or send it to someone else who may benefit from it. Given that each case is unique, we ask you to keep the product until the case has been resolved. We process the return request within two days.

In accordance with our policy to reduce our carbon footprint, we only ship our products via land transport. Most shipments from us arrive within 3 working days and our partners Dropp and Pósturinn takes care of everything.

ÖRLÖ's products are currently only for sale in Europe, and the United States , but as our business grows, we will move to more markets. Stay tuned!



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"Utilizing algae, Örlö Nutrition is shifting the sustainable nutrition space. Not only is the product itself forward-thinking and infused with futuristic ideals, but the packaging, designed by Designsake Studio , is beyond visionary. The silver and black details are used in tandem with a typeface that feels almost extraterrestrial, infused with psychedelic notes.

The packaging system includes a reusable, recyclable glass bottle that can be refilled every 30 days. In addition, there is no use of secondary packaging, and shipping materials are post-consumer recycled using algae ink instead of soy or petroleum-based inks. The future is sustainable, and Örlö Nutrition proves it."... Read More .

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VAXA Technologies , a biotech firm that is redefining the production of sustainable nutrition, announces a new consumer product portfolio, Örlö Nutrition , that harnesses the full potential of algae through AI optimized growing conditions at its high-tech, Icelandic aquaculture planthouse. Örlö 's first consumer products include: Omega-3 , Prenatal DHA and Immunity Boost .

VAXA developed a new scientific approach for sustainable and eco-friendly production of microalgae through its patented technology - every bottle of supplements saves 110 Pelagic fish and 1.1 KG of Co2 eq (equivalent to driving around 3.2 miles). By going straight to the source (fish do not produce omega-3 but rather bio-accumulate it through algae), Örlö protects oceans and fish ecosystems, keeping them completely undisturbed.

"As the stability of our oceans reaches a tipping point, we have taken a leap beyond the traditional world of supplements to create a new, carbon-negative nutrition category," said Corinna Bellizzi, Head of US Sales and Marketing for Örlö. "By not fishing, and not disrupting ecosystems to produce our omega-3s and algae-based nutrition products, we prove that our dietary choices can be pro-planet health, and that great nutrition doesn't have to be an either/or proposition ."

VAXA's technological platform revolutionizes the way we obtain our nutrition, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that makes standard methods obsolete for today's consumer demands of pro-planet health: uncompromising wellness standards that benefit the earth as well.

"Cultivating happy algae in an AI optimized aquaculture planthouse in Iceland means that you get the best nature can provide: sustainable omega-3 products, directly from the source, preserving their natural polar-structure, while enabling higher bioavailability and a better, fishy- aftertaste-free, user experience," said Bellizzi. "Örlö's unique polar-lipid structure provides superior absorption, significantly better than that of fish oil, krill oil and other omega sources."

VAXA's completely self-sustaining and closed loop vertical algae farm has perfected growing conditions to deliver five times the nutrient content versus traditional means of growing algae. Given these growing conditions, there are no external factors impeding purity and consistency of the product such as environmental pollutants like mercury or PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or flame retardants, a competitive advantage when compared with fish, krill or algae grown in open ponds.

With zero compromise on supplement efficiency and a positive planetary impact, Örlö represents the world's most sustainable omega-3 supplement. To ensure ultimate sustainability, Örlö's algae is grown via the world's first carbon-negative indoor, year-round production process in Iceland using 99% less land and water resources compared to other algae growth methods and yielding algae made from 100% renewable resources, including waste-stream CO2 and glacial melt water. Örlö's sustainability measures extend all the way through to the packaging which features a reusable, recyclable glass bottle for consumers to refill every 30 days. There is no secondary packaging and shipping materials are post-consumer recycled content that uses algae ink instead of soy or petroleum-based inks.

"Every choice has been made with the protection of our planet and its ecosystem in mind. From our production process to our content creation and podcast, Nutrition Without Compromise , Örlö is focused on providing value and ensuring that this new pro-planet nutrition category moves from idea-phase to become an engaged movement," said Bellizzi.

Omega-3, available on Örlö, $68 for a two-month supply : This algae omega-3 supplement is designed to support brain and heart health, joints and immune system. The unique polar omega-3 structure provides three times the absorption of other algae or fish oils and is grown using 100% renewable resources with zero hexanes, zero pesticides, and zero environmental toxins. It is vegan, non-GMO and carbon negative. It is packed in a post-consumer recycled cardboard box or padded envelope and printed with carbon-negative algae-based ink.

Prenatal DHA, available on Örlö, $68 for a two-month supply: Algae polar omega-3 supplement to support baby's brain and visual development during pregnancy and lactation. The unique product composition utilizes the polar omega-3 structure to also support mother's health and provides three times the absorption of other algae or fish oils and is grown using 100% renewable resources with zero hexanes, zero pesticides, and zero environmental toxins. It is vegan, non-GMO and carbon negative. It is packed in a post-consumer recycled cardboard box or padded envelope and printed with carbon-negative algae-based ink.

Immunity Boost Ultra Spirulina Oral Spray, available on Örlö , $39 for a two-month supply: This is the first product utilizing the unique combination of VAXA's Ultra Spirulina combined with a B vitamin complex, and a water-soluble vitamin D3 to support healthy energy levels and immune system response. Ultra Spirulina is grown using 100% renewable resources with zero hexanes, zero pesticides, and zero environmental toxins. Vegetarian, Non-GMO, and Carbon Negative.


Örlö is powered by VAXA Technologies and is committed to providing nutrition solutions that don't compromise the health of ecosystems, our planet, or our morals. Örlö's team believes that a balanced food system is powered by a commitment to sustainability and the regeneration of delicate ecosystems. Without that commitment, sustainability means nothing. Find out more at and . Follow Örlö on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest and TikTok .

Örlö, because nutrition shouldn't be an either/or.