Um okkur

Impact nutrition

At ÖRLÖ, we use high-tech solutions to grow microalgae in a sustainable way in Iceland. In this way, we can produce Omega-3 fatty acids from their primary source (fish get their fatty acids from algae) without harming the environment of fish and the ocean.

Our technology was developed by world-leading scientists. The production is carbon negative and powered by clean, Icelandic energy. Our gel tablets ensure three times better absorption of nutrients in the body than other sources and are therefore smaller than what is known on the market.

We believe you shouldn't have to choose between your health and the planet. We have harnessed the power of the earth's first plants to produce products that are both good for you and the environment.

Sustainable cultivation

Nutrition without limits

Positive environmental impact

The future of nutrition

ÖRLÖ operates the most sustainable microalgae cultivation in the world. The revolutionary and carbon-negative production process enables ÖRLÖ to grow nutritious microalgae under ideal conditions in Iceland all year round. ÖRLÖ uses 99% less land and water than is needed to produce other Omega products.

Most people get their Omega acids from fish oil. Fish, on the other hand, get Omega-acids from microalgae. We therefore cultivate the primary source itself, nutritious microalgae, which are filled with proteins, minerals and vitamins.

100% nutrition and 0% guilt.

Our cultivation facility

We are located at the ON Geothermal park at the Hellisheiði power plant and use excess heat from the power plant, renewable energy, clean water and natural carbon emissions to create the world's first carbon-negative breeding facility.

There, we use the cutting edge technology, developed for us by world-leading scientists, to grow nutrient-rich microalgae indoors in a controlled environment under ideal conditions all year round.


We get our name from the Icelandic word "fate" because we believe that the fate of humanity and the planet are intertwined. We don't have to choose between our health and the planet. A nutritious and bright future can be created for all of us while maintaining the health of our precious planet.

ÖR also means "small" in Icelandic. Often the greatest power is hidden in the little things. ÖRLÖ activates the power of the first plants on earth to produce essential Omega-3 fatty acids of the highest quality.

Our team

ÖRLÖ is owned by VAXA Technologies.

Our team consists of experienced experts who come from different backgrounds to use their expertise for the benefit of all of us.

Our goal is that all the inhabitants of the earth have access to healthy and good nutrition without jeopardizing the health of the planet.

At ÖRLÖ, we want to contribute to the balance of food systems by placing great emphasis on sustainability and the protection of fragile ecosystems.