• Prenatal DHA | 60 tablets
  • Prenatal DHA | 60 tablets

Prenatal DHA | 60 tablets

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ÖRLÖ Prenatal DHA comes directly from the source, microalgae. Prenatal DHA supports the brain, eyes and the skin + immunity functions as well as your baby's brain- and eyesight development while pregnant.

  • 3X more bioavailable vs. fish oil omega-3
  • Smaller, easy-to-swallow softgels 
  • Algae-based = 100% Vegan in Polar Lipid form
  • No fish involved = No aftertaste
  • Vegan

All shipping materials are post-consumer waste paper and the black ink printed on them is actually made from algae! These paper products can be recycled again, or even torn into pieces and safely composted as your “brown matter”.

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1000 MG
Algae Oil
350 MG
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids
15 MG
335 MG
77 MG
Polar Lipids


No fish involved and the earth's natural resources are not trampled upon. 100% nutrition with 0% guilt.


ÖRLÖ's microalgae contain no GMOs, are certified by an independent third party and are grown under optimal indoor conditions year round to ensure the best quality possible.

Grown organically

The body absorbs the Omega-3 3x better than from other algae and fish oils. Optimized nutrition – faster.

3x more bioavailability

The body uses omega supplements from ÖRLÖ 3x better than from other algae and fish oils. That means the body gets better nutrition - faster.

Positive carbon effect

ÖRLÖ microalgae are produced with 100% clean, renewable energy.

Our revolutionary cultivating center in Iceland is located at the ON geothermal park in Hellisheiði. We use excess heat, energy, clean water and natural carbon emissions from Hellisheiði power plant to power the world's first sustainable, carbon-negative micro algae farm.

Positive carbon effect

Microalgae produced with energy from 100% renewable resources, including natural carbon emissions and glacial water.

We use 99% less land and water than other types of algae cultivation.

Our cultivation does not rely on marine life and therefore reduces the need for fishing to obtain Omega-3. In this way, we save 110 kg of pelagic fish (sardines and anchovies) and prevent the earlier release of 1.1 kg of carbon equivalents with each 30-day ÖRLÖ dose.


Reusable glass jar. Refill the jar every 30 or 60 days with an ÖRLÖ subscription and recycle the jar after use.

No extra packaging.

For shipping, we use PCR materials and algae ink instead of using ink made from soy or oil.


Use the jar again and again and refill it with our refill packs.

Sort the packages with paper waste and use as "brown material" in a compost bin.

increased activity

The algae supplements from ÖRLÖ ensure that the body gets the fatty acids it needs. This means that the body achieves maximum absorption with a lower dose than other Omega-3 products.

fatty acids are essential

The body needs Omega-3 fatty acids to function normally. He does not create them himself. The omega-3 fatty acids from ÖRLÖ support:

  • Eye health
  • Immune system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Teams and teams
  • Brain and nervous system
  • General fitness

Our microalgae

Our methods make it possible to produce Omega-3 with 99% less land and water consumption than others. Our algae are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutrients for the body.

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