"Hvernig beislum við kraftinn í smáþörungum?"

"How do we harness the power of microalgae?"

The word "microalgae" sounds like something small and insignificant, but it is the opposite.

Professor Isaac Berzin, CTO and co-founder of VAXA Technologies, is a scientist and has worked with MIT on research for the "Center for Space Research" for NASA and the International Space Station.

Isaac was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008 by Time magazine for his work on sustainability and climate issues.

Professor Isaac Berzin shares with us the wonderful features in the daily life of microalgae and what possibilities lie in their cultivation to improve our life on this planet.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What is the technology behind microalgae cultivation and the different methods for it
  • Processed foods and their effects - Importance of natural absorption (bioavailability)
  • Cultivation in different lighting conditions
  • The importance of consumer experience
  • Advantages of "polar lipids"

The interview is recorded in collaboration with the podcast Nutrition without compromise. Interviewer: Corinna Bellizzi